Using Citronella as Repellent for carpenter bees

Repellent for carpenter bees become in demand for house owners where it caused damage by boring in wood and laying eggs. Though carpenter bees don’t sting, they are a threat to your window trims, eaves, fascia boards and decks. Therefore, there are repellent that can rid them away.

citronella bee repellent

Carpenter bees are beneficial for they are pollinators but somehow they became more of a nuisance when they burrow holes and find there a nesting place. They don’t actually eat wood. They build their nests in woods. Luckily, homes are made usually by wood. There are ways to kill or eliminate and best Repellent for carpenter bees to avoid them from destroying everything. To get rid of them is first to find their nesting place. You can easily recognize where it is, you check where carpenter bees are flying. They fly around near the nest to protect it.

Obvious sign is the hole in the wood. Treat the opening of the hole with the correct insecticide. It’s either a spray or a dust. Insecticide dusts are best for poisoning the carpenter bee nests. It will kill not only the adult bees but grubs also. Leaving the holes for days will let carpenter bees spread insecticides. After that, hole should be closed with a caulk or cork before painting it.

Check it consistently to see if there are holes again to be treated. Then, you can use some of the best Repellent for carpenter bees to prevent them from coming back. One of the best repellent is having citronella oil guaranteed to repel bees and other insects. It is safe and non-toxic to use. The citronella odor is so strong that it repels any insects. It can be used by spraying in the place where you want to repel bees.

Repellent for carpenter bees doesn’t actually kill bees. It repels them to certain area you wished them to stay away from. Remember that you want to take care of the woods in your house. You want a nice house not only with its outside appearance but also its inner condition. If you wish to stay that way, better to find repellent that truly works. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. If it happens that a carpenter bee is so strong to repel and still did a massive damage that needs a quick action or else will renovate, exterminator is needed. Unless it is not fixable, some of the precautions above are to be done.