How to get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Have you seen many holes in the trees or unpainted wood around your house? Does it concern you to see those things? Blame it all to carpenter bees because they are the ones who caused that damage. Carpenter bees does not live in the hive but they bore holes on dead woods, bamboos, unpainted wood or other area where woods are unpainted. They look the same as the bumble bees but to determine the difference, bumble bees have black abdomens with yellow hairs. They have the ability to make tunnels at about 10 feet in some area. The female carpenter bee only possess the ability to sting unlike honeybees where both male and female bees sting.

How to get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Although the holes in the woods are disturbing, this is not a cause of alarm but if you want to eliminate these bees, you can certainly do so. Here are some tips on how to get rid of carpenter bees.

1.     Use pesticide to eliminate these bees. There are effective powders used to get rid of carpenter bees such as Bendiocarb, Carbaryl dust and even boric acid. It is important to read the instructions and warning for the product for safety measures. Spray it to areas where these bees are boring on trees or unpainted wood. Look for it in the fence, sidings, overhangs and even decks.

2.     If the wood where carpenter bees are boring are severely damaged, spray the area more often at about two weeks interval for effective results.

3.     Use an aerosol carburetor cleaner to kill bees inside the tunnels. This has a tube that extends into the hole but be very careful when using this and read the instruction manual thoroughly. Protect the face and wear protection for the eyes.

4.     Using a steel-wool, stuff the hole with it Steel is hard so bees cannot dig through it .Soon after, they will leave the area to look for another nest.

5.     Make sure to paint all wooden areas to avoid carpenter bees they avoid wood that is difficult to bore in.

6.     When you see holes where they can lay eggs and and make a home in, fill the area with a heavy and sturdy material.

7.     Carpenter bees don’t like if the environment is noisy.

8.     If you have a good budget, hiring an exterminator will be a good idea since they deal with these problems and they can get rid of the bees thoroughly.